About us

Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2003, Wuhan College enrolls students nation-wide and provides full-time university and diploma education to 11,000 students. The University comprises two schools and five departments, namely School of Accounting and Finance and School of Information and Communications, Department of Business Administration, Department of Artistic Design, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Law and Department of Liberal Education.

Wuhan College was founded by Mr. Chen Yidan (Charles Chen), one of the core founders of Tencent and the founder of Tencent Charity Foundation. Mr. Chen set up Yidan Educational, Scientific and Cultural Co. Ltd. to fund Wuhan College as a non-profit institution. He committed to invest RMB 2 billion in Phase I development of the new campus. In 2015, Wuhan College successfully obtained approval from the Ministry of Education as a private university. The Board of Wuhan College invited Professor Judy Lam Sin Lai, the former Vice President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Cheung Kong Scholar in Accountancy at the Xiamen University to join as Chancellor and Member of the Board with the mission to build a brand new Wuhan College.

Wuhan College aspires to become the most respected private university in China by creating an internationalized university with a focus on application oriented professional education. Our philosophy of “Whole Person Development (WPD)” aims to cultivate outstanding application-oriented students, and focuses on students’ future value-added competencies and pursuit of excellence. Through seamless cooperation between the University and the industry, the University creates an ecology of industry-education-research integration to foster a new generation of young creative adults that can master a changing future in an era of increasing globalization and digitalization. As for programs, Accounting and Finance is our established strength, and Information and Technology is our strategic focus for development. Our mission is also to develop interdisciplinary niche programs.

MOTTO:Pursuit of Virtue and Innovation

VISION:Aspire to be the most respected private university

MISSION:Enlightened University with Enlightened Professors and Students

CORE VALUE:Mastering A Changing Future