Teaching and Learning

Within the curriculum, our students will be taught both professional and liberal education encompassing globalization, culture and civilization, arts and humanities, environment and universe as well innovation and entrepreneurship.

Out of the classroom, students will develop whole person competencies such as leadership, interpersonal skills, team work through experiential learning programs. In the meantime, students will participate in a wide spectrum of diverse activities including high table dinner, service learning, , arts appreciation, innovation and ethical fora, etc.

As for the in-class teaching, Wuhan College has adopted the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) concept, which takes students’ learning outcome as the basis of enhancing the teaching content, methodology as well as the mechanism of assessment. Through introducing contents that closely keep up with the latest development of various sectors of industry, teaching methodologies that are more diversified and flexible and assessment mechanism that is more scientific, students’ interest and participation should improve. As such, better learning outcomes could be achieved.

The OBE applies continuous assessment instead of final examinations only. In light of the philosophy of Whole Person Development, the assessment design focuses not only on students’ grasp of theories but also emphasizes the development of their diversified competencies including presentation skills, critical thinking, team work and leadership, etc. The final examination is supplemented by multiple assessments throughout the semester with inclusion of presentation, case study, role play, team project, in-class test, participation, academic paper, field trip and mid-term examination.

Special Major

Software Engineering(Tencent Elite Class)

Jointly developed by the College and Tencent, the class enrolls 30 talented students every year. With a full scholarship of RMB100,000 for each student, the class aspires to cultivate first class software engineers. Extensive project-based learning, overseas exchange and internship opportunities are provided....

Accounting (ACA)

ICAEW(The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales)-ACA is one of the world's top notch certified public accountant qualifications. Since the set-up of the major in 2012, Wuhan College has achieved top scores for consecutive years in the Greater China region....

Network Engineering (Things Engineering)

The program strives to integrate solid professional competencies with extensive industry experience. Bringing together recourses of Tencent Smart City and supports from first class smart home solutions providers based in China, an ecosystem of integrated talent development has been created.