Whole Person Development

Wuhan College takes a further leap to implement the unique whole person education, which emphasizes not only on students’ professional competencies, but also their development in human relationships and emotional well being, pursuit of ethical values and belief as well as the nurturing of global social citizenship.

The Whole Person Development concept regards students as holistic individuals. The goal is to ignite students’ potential and cultivate holistic persons. At Wuhan College, students will be equipped with twelve aspects of whole person development through academic and co-curriculum learning as well as a rich campus life.

The philosophy and practice of Whole Person Development focuses on students’ value-added capability and their pursuit of excellence. It consolidates core competencies according to the four categories shown below:

Ambition: a broad mind to embrace the world and take responsibility of one’s country and society

Self-Motivation: life-long learning, creativity and entrepreneurship, leadership development and critical thinking

Integration of ethical values and professional competence: self-development, ethical values, professionalism and problem solving skills

Self-esteem: confidence and relationship with others

Whole Person Development